Over the time, traditional methods and obsolete products used in the Building Materials / Construction Industry in India have taken a huge toll on our environment and the nature around us.

It is time that we did something to rectify these wrong doings by altering our course and begin to focus on better and greener methods and products.
The growing influence of social media and the exponential increase of online buying and selling has raised the awareness to great levels and the growth from here onwards is bound to go through the ceiling.

As the online B-to-C and B-to-B businesses are at tremendous rise, the traditional Brick and Mortar storefronts are gaining incredible impetuses too. Goods are being demanded and sold, at a hitherto unknown and unprecedented pace across all of India.

It is heartening to note that, the overall buying capacity and awareness of us Indians about such products has risen tremendously over the past decade.
World class materials and green products manufactured across the Globe are now finding ways into the homes of people residing in the remotest, rural, and semi-urban areas of India.

Unfortunately, systematic, synchronised, and dynamic Manufacturing / Distribution / Warehousing / Logistical Support Systems necessary for the survival and progression of such newer and greener products needed in the Indian Building Materials / Construction Industry, are close to nil.
Therefore, we solemnly intend to fill in this void and achieve a synchronised Manufacturing / Distribution / Warehousing /Logistical Support System for such newer and greener products.

We believe that this venture of ours is a small step towards trying to reach this destination and putting in our contribution towards the betterment of our Society and the Environment that nurtures and nourishes us.


Pravin Brijbasi

Pravin is the senior most member of the group and has an experience of over 35 years in Hospitality business, Real Estate business, Automotive Business and Electronics Goods Sales and Distribution business in and around Latur.

He is the Chairman and a founder of Manoja Group, an emerging name in the field of Consumer Electronics.

In the year 2009, Pravin was felicitated with the prestigious “Icon of Latur” award by a renowned Social Welfare Trust.

With his varied and colourful experience and his taste for finer details and cost effectiveness of any given product, he sure can see through a lot of new and upcoming products and trends and can give his studied take on their viability and feasibility.

Bankat Bhangdiya

Bankat is the next senior member of the group and has an experience of over 20 years in the Construction Industry

He has executed various Commercial, Residential, and Institutional building works as a Contractor and a Developer in Latur in the past 20 years.

Identifying new and better products and being a pioneer by using them in his own projects and then later on marketing the same has been his forte. Under his able support, newer, cleaner, greener and better products will always find a way to the market

Durgesh Brijwasi

Durgesh is an Architect by profession.He began his career in 2008 and has, by now, developed a flair in imparting an artistic touch to every design, concept, and idea that he comes across. He has excellent skills at interpreting the complexity of any design and his visualisation is vivid and extensively sharp.

Durgesh is also an avid follower of and a believer in newer and greener technologies and products. His passion for the search of such technologies and products and the propagation of the same for the betterment of our Society in general, has drawn him into this venture.

Vivek Brijwasi
Kavita P. Brijbasi
Shilpa B. Bhangdiya
Diksha D. Brijwasi

Vision and Mission


To provide clean, green, recyclable and cost effective technologies and products to the Indian Construction Industry.


To devise, erect and manage Manufacturing / Distribution / Warehousing / Logistical Support Systems needed for such newer and greener products across India.