Nepobond Block Adhesive is a high strength pre-mixed specially formulated mortar used for laying and jointing of various types of bricks and blocks such as Fly-ash/ Concrete/ AAC/ CLC/ Cement etc. It is manufactured using the latest technologies under strict quality control. It is available in packing size of 40 Kgs.

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Nepolplast is an innovative, modern, green, and eco-friendly product manufactured by Nepolite. It is a premixed plaster needing only the addition of water on site for preparation of mortars used for plastering the external and internal walls of a building.

Nepolplast is manufactured using the best quality ingredients and has additives in it which helps enhance its qualities. It needs very small amounts of water for mixing and curing purposes, which reduces the overall cost of energy and labour required in a building construction activity. It also saves a lot of time as compared to the traditional methods of plastering.

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Nepogyp™, a premium quality gypsum powder to be used in the internal plastering process of building constructions. Nepogyp™ is a 100% Gypsum based product. Gypsum is an eco-friendly product, as the mining or the manufacturing of synthetic Gypsum does not harm the ecology or the environment of our habitat in any way.

The natural colour of Gypsum is off-white or white. It has an excellent bonding strength and is fine powder like in appearance.

It is packed in easy to use and handle, 5 KG and 25 KG bags.

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Birla Aerocon Wallputty – looks good, works better.

Welcome to the new-age putty that not only caters to your demand for top quality, but also offers the advantage of TRUE COLOUR on your walls – Birla Aerocon Wallputty!

It is manufactured using cutting edge “True Colour Technology”. This innovative & technically superior process enables the tru reflection of the colour of selected paint shade & enables the wall paint to dazzle in its original “Just as you selected” shade.

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Aerocon – CPVC and UPVC Pipes & Fittings, The right choice for all your plumbing needs.

At Aerocon, our endeavour is to continually develop newer, better and more innovative ways to bring you the best of products and solutions, for all your needs. Concurring with our philosophy of developing eco-friendly products for a greener world, we bring you CPVC and UPVC pipes and fittings – a more eco-friendly, far superior replacement for the widely used GI pipes.

CPVC’s resistance to corrosion at elevated temperatures, up to 93°C (200°F), makes it ideal for both hot and cold water applications. UPVC’s can be used upto 60°C (140°F), makes it ideal for cold water applications.

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